“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.”
                                                                             – Earl Nightingale

Coaching is the process of assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioral and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals, and discerning hidden saboteurs.

Effective coaching should also be supportive of the client in making a plan of action and then following it to reach desired outcomes. It is also most effective when the Coach is able to create such deep respect and rapport that the client feels comfortable, and most of all safe, to move from their former place to one of success.

You are being trained to listen to your clients’ words, observe their actions, and to become aware of the way their client currently interprets the world around them. To be intelligent is to have fine distinctions about a topic or field. The finer the distinctions, the more wisdom or perception is available for both the Coach and the client to draw from. The Life Strategies Coach program by Vocademics teaches the coach these fine distinctions about human behavior. By identifying limiting strategic filters and beliefs through a keen assessment of verbal and non-verbal patterns, you will elicit solutions and facilitate the resolution of conflicts.
Our students will approach their clients with the understanding that there is a positive intention behind every behavior, and that there is no such thing as failure – there is only feedback. The ability to identify and interpret this feedback is just one of the many ways you will find what is blocking a person from their goals or desired outcomes. Together, you and the client create a feed-forward plan of action to achieve goals and to overcome challenges.

Believing that people already have abundant resources within themselves, you will act as a detective to identify the strategies that are already successful in other contexts of a person‘s life and to tease out hidden saboteurs that may be keeping your client from achieving their goals. You can then guide your client in discovering how to apply their successful strategies as a way of overcoming their identified saboteurs.

By sharing communication tools and strategies for success, this method of coaching builds a relationship with the client that shapes the client‘s ability to make better and finer distinctions leading to solid decisions and life choices more naturally and easily.

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