AESDP- Advanced English Skills Development Program


It is an 8 to 12 weeks’ course, available online as well.


English is the most commonly spoken language around the world. It is the language that encompasses science, technology, and business globally. By learning English, one can develop their communication skills and general language competency, thereby building confidence and increasing awareness. Knowing and understanding the English language will open doors to a world of opportunities, leading to better performance and career advancement.

AESDP is offered at five levels for the students who are enrolling with Vocademics, specifically for the purpose of improving their English language proficiency.

Level 0 (Foundation): Intended for participants with little or no knowledge of English.

Basic* – Level 1 (Beginner) | Level 2 (Pre-Intermediate)
Intended for those with knowledge of basic English vocabulary and grammar and/or the ability to frame simple sentences and understand English fairly well.

Advanced*– Level 3 (Intermediate) | Level 4 (Upper Intermediate)
Intended for participants who have successfully completed the Basic level course, or equivalently, those who have a working understanding of the English language and moderate proficiency in the four skill areas.

Bridge Course – OET, IELTS, TOEFL, etc (Prep Courses)
Intended for those who have successfully completed the Advanced course, and plan to take International English proficiency tests.

*Participants will be placed at the appropriate level based on an assessment test administered at entry-level.

The AESDP offered for adult learners is primarily meant for speakers of other languages and could be from any walk of life or profession, including:

  1. College students who wish to pursue their further education in English
  2. School / College teachers
  3. Corporate Executives / Businessmen
  4. Bank Employees
  5. Housewives

The Advanced English Skills Development Programme (AESDP), offered at Vocademics, provides quality language training to enable speakers of other languages from various backgrounds, needs and purposes to communicate effectively and proficiently. Participants undergo an intensive English curriculum that helps them attain the required standard to pursue further academic and/or professional programmes.

At Vocademics, we know how to help one learn successfully, and we understand the needs of the participants and the challenges they face. Most importantly, we believe in teaching English as a life skill, so that participants of the programme become independent learners and thinkers who will continue to develop their awareness and English language competency by building on their successes in the classroom, even after the course concludes.

We select the teachers, who are professional English speakers with years of training and experience. Class sizes are small, offering an ideal environment for personalized learning and customized instruction.


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