Basic NLP Practitioner Course


20 Hours course, completed in a span of 8 to 12 weeks.


The basic NLP Certification program developed and designed by the Vocademics offers a broad range of time-tested principles we can use to enhance our relationships, productivity, and profound self-awareness. NLP relates our perceptions, personal beliefs, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, and communication styles to the results and outcomes we experience on a day-to-day basis. The students will progress from understanding the basics, to confidently applying the different NLP principles (and practices) in all aspects of their personal or professional life.

Our Program tends to attract people who want to understand themselves better or start a new career that positively supports others. NLP Practitioners often want to make a profound impact and change people’s lives, but they don’t want to study traditional psychology for years. NLP offers a basis for stimulating progressive self-improvement. The Program also offers a unique set of communication skills to coaches, parents, therapists, and leadership or management teams.

After completing this course, the candidates will be able to:-

1. heighten self-awareness and social effectiveness.
2. reprogram their mind for optimal success and achievement.
3. recognize opportunities for advancing their personal growth.
4. interact in a way that forms a profound connection with others.
5. communicate honestly, transparently, and assertively.
6. build dynamic people skills into their day-to-day relationships.
7. create a future vision that is in alignment with their values.
8. use an effective goal-setting process to achieve success.
9. conflict intervention – build conflict-proof relationships.
10. Defeat procrastination or a general lack of motivation.


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