Certificate in Business Communication


50 Hours Course completed in 5 weeks.


The purpose of this 50 Hours course is to develop your professional confidence.

Knowledge of business English = confidence.

In turn, confidence might turn into a good performance. Intelligence does not really put you up the corporate ladder. You need the confidence to back you up, and business English provides you that. Knowing that nothing will go wrong as you present in front of the people, you are sure to get approval.

One of the reasons why people fail in businesses is its failure in knowing the basics which is communication, business English. In addition, business English means respect. Respect for the person you are talking to and respect for the business. Having a good command of the English language gives you an advantage.

After completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:-

1. perform well at work,

2. improve their interpersonal skills,

3. use the correct words and phrases for particular situations and products,

4. convey right messages to clients and peers,

5. improve their vocabulary,

6. analyze various issues with more clarity of ideas,

7. come over the professional failure,

8. successfully closing the business deals,

9. become a smart communicator


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