English Speaking Certificate Course


It is 50 Hours course conducted in 5 weeks. Every week 5 hours with Tutor.


The Objective of the curriculum is to help everyone to refresh and enhance their knowledge of the English language. It also targets grammar, focusing on comprehension, and reading, speaking, and writing skills. This would be developed through balanced and integrated tasks.

This 50 Hours General English course (with Certificate from Vocademics) has been designed for a wider audience in general and all those who have considerably basic knowledge and expertise in English and feel it difficult to Speak, Read and Write properly. The objective of this course is to complete the basics of English Grammar to develop proficiency.

After completion of the course, the candidate will be able to-

  1. use grammatically correct sentences in day-to-day communication.
  2. to make common everyday conversation and write formal letters.
  3. think about what is happening in a text while reading it, in order to Engage in active thinking while reading the text and be able to interpret the text to enhance literature and comprehension skills.
  4. To define and explain the characteristics of short stories and narratives and describe the sketch of characters of short stories.
  5. acquire basic proficiency in English including reading and listening comprehension, writing, and speaking skills.


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